My ConsciousCoaching is for you when your heart and soul are entangled with unhealed subjects. Entangled means, you carry topics like rope wrapped around your heart and soul. These ropes tie you to a darker, heavier life and this makes it hard for your light to shine through.


Entanglements show up in all parts of your life because you drag them along inside of you. This attracts people and situations that often carry the same, unhealed subjects. An unpleasant circle often starts to happen.

It is essential to know, that your subjects bring a gift for you. They form you while you feel and go through them. And they prepare you for your meaning of life that is happily waiting for you with wide open arms. When your learning process is done, it is time to free your soul from ropes.


I´d be more than happy to open a healing field with you so you are able to find your true, inner, authentic, higher self.


I believe we are here on this planet to find our own inner light. That´s what we are here for. For this we mainly have to find our unique and very own, true inner potential.

What are your talents and how can you make them grow stronger? How can you become more aware and conscious of what´s inside of you?
The individual treasures you hold behind your hidden curtains? Many of us have forgotten about them.

You have wonderful, unique talents you were born with. Wonderful gifts we need in this world. Your soul knows what I´m talking about.
Luckily you have this inner voice. It speaks to you in whispers. And it sends you pictures about everything you love to do. All the time.
Just listen carefully and you will see, hear and find the answers. Do you need help with this?
I´d love to translate your inner soul voice for you so you´ll soon be able to find your way and shine with all your might.